What are architrave and its uses?

The architrave is the main beam resting across the tops of columns or it is the moulded frame around a door or window. It is found in different patterns or styles that suit a room or a particular design.


· It is used as a door frame or a window frame.

· As a decorated band that frames an opening like a divisor between hall and living.

· Used as the topping on the column.

· Other names for it are; corniche, entablature, frieze.

· Used for framing furniture tops and closets.

· Ornamental mouldings and trims.

· Post columns and railings.

· Arches and panels.


· Natural materials include wood, wood veneer. Examples are pine, timber, softwood, maple, oak, poplar, and more

· Artificial materials are MDF, polymer, polymer coated, pre-painted MDF


Colours of architrave differ according to the material it is made from and to the décor it will act as an addition to. Pre-painted could be customized according to the use it will be put to. As for the natural wood material, it is usually matched with matching furniture that is same wood or colour while if it is used for the trimmings of a closet then, it will be matched in type and colour or panted the same color. The same is true for columns or archways; they are fitted and given the same color.


Either the natural material or the artificial material is very flexible in their use and are usually sought out as a finishing for so many decors or furniture. It is cut and fixed as desired.

Needless to say, the use of modern artificial materials is much cheaper, available, and eco-friendly but that is up to the user the architect and certainly the budget. Decorate your home with these irresistible pieces that crown almost anything.